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Dave Hawkins

Patent Attorney - Consultant

Originally I worked as an editor for Derwent Publications in London, then as a patent searcher/information analyst for BP. I qualified as a patent attorney and after more than 20 years with BP I joined Compass Patents as a consultant attorney. I have subsequently continued this role with Mathisen & Macara.

I currently work in polymerisation catalysts and products, in particular linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). I specialise in metallocene catalysis and previously worked extensively in fluidised bed gas phase technology. In the past I have worked in offshore oil and gas exploration and associated production technology, such as oil field chemicals and refinery operations.

I am experienced in patent drafting and prosecution, IP due diligence, freedom-to-operate opinions, patent infringement and validity opinions, as well as agreements and technology licensing. In particular. I have provided legal advice for 3rd party joint ventures with major chemical companies, advice on strategic management of IP portfolios and worked closely with others on Intellectual Asset Management. Contentious proceedings such as Opposition and Appeal proceeding at the European Patent Office, and assisting in both U.K. and foreign patent litigation. European competition law and U.S. antitrust provisions, having worked closely with U.S. law firms.

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