Spotlight on our Client INEOS

Mathisen & Macara, and before that Compass Patents LLP, have been helping INEOS protect their IP for over 15 years. But who are INEOS and what do they do?

INEOS recently hit the headlines when they offered to purchase Chelsea FC. One of their comments was that “The bid is not about making profit from Chelsea as INEOS makes "lots of money from chemicals"” (

In particular, whilst INEOS have over the last few years been getting more and more involved with other areas, including sports[1], at its core INEOS is a global chemical company. They operate at 194 sites across 29 countries, generate $61 billion annually and employ over 26,000 people. (

The businesses include INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe, who are Europe's largest ethylene producer, INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA, a major US olefins and polymers producer, INEOS Electrochemical Solutions who research, develop, manufacture and sell electrolysers and electrode coatings that produce Chlor-alkali products, INEOS Nitriles, the world's largest producer of acrylonitrile & acetonitrile, INEOS Oligomers, the world's largest integrated producer of low viscosity polyalpha olefins, INEOS Oxide, Europe's largest producer of ethylene glycol, INEOS Phenol, the world's largest producer and supplier of Phenol, Acetone and AMS, INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst, who supply state-of-the-art catalysts worldwide for use in a wide range of polyethylene and polypropylene processes, INOVYN, who manufacture a wide range of chemicals including organic chlorine derivatives; chlor alkali products; general purpose and specialty vinyl products, INEOS Styrolution, the leading global styrenics producer, INEOS Acetyls, a global producer of acetic acid and a range of derivatives, and INEOS Aromatics, a global leader in PTA (purified terephthalic acid) and PX (paraxylene) technology.

A number of the Partners of Mathisen & Macara have previously worked in the in-house patent department of INEOS and before that a predecessor company of some of the Chemicals businesses it acquired.

Our patent attorneys work closely with INEOS’ Chemicals businesses to advise and assist on matters such as agreements, filing and prosecution of patent applications, Oppositions and freedom to operate. We use our previous experience of working in-house and our detailed knowledge of INEOS technologies to advise on legal and technical matters with a specific focus on the commercial strategy and objectives of the businesses, to provide clear, business-focussed solutions.

Our formalities team manage the maintenance of over 2500 patent applications and granted patents worldwide, as well as dealing with frequent acquisitions and assignments, and management of INEOS’ patent database on behalf of the businesses and the in-house legal teams.  

[1] Their involvement in sport ranges from cycling, with the INEOS Grenadiers cycling team (previously Team Sky),  to sailing, with the INEOS Britannia sailing team, to Formula 1, where INEOS is a Principal Partner to the eight times Constructors World Champions Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, to football, where INEOS owns French Ligue One side OGC Nice and Swiss Super League side FC Lausanne-Sport. (