Patenting inventions

protecting new technology

To protect your invention, we can apply for patents in the countries that are commercially important. We are experts at navigating the patent systems of the European Patent Office and the UK Intellectual Property Office, and have a network of trusted attorneys throughout the world, enabling us to apply for patents in almost all countries and obtain expert local advice when required.

In the European and UK Patent Offices, we carry out the entire patenting process, including preparing and filing applications, communicating with the Patent Office to explain why a patent should be granted, as well as defending granted patents if someone opposes them (just as we can oppose patents owned by our clients' competitors).

When you contact us as a new client, an attorney with a suitable technical background will be assigned and will discuss what you need. We will provide an initial consultation free of charge. If you decide to file a patent application, we will provide a cost estimate.

Collectively our attorneys have expertise in a wide range of technologies, enabling us to deal with most inventions. Some of our technological areas of expertise are outlined in the technologies page.

We can also advise you about avoiding infringement of patent rights held by others and infringement of your rights by competitors. See also our commercial initiatives page and our IP disputes page.