Privacy Notice for Clients who are Individuals

As a client of ours, we will need to collect, store and use certain personal information about you.  The purpose of this notice is to explain how and why we collect and process such information, and in some cases transmit it, and your rights in respect of your personal information that we hold. 

Why we collect personal information

When we provide you with services relating to intellectual property (IP), we do this under a contract with you.  To perform the contract, we need certain information about you, including your name, address and contact details. If we are filing a trade mark, patent or design application for you, we need to provide your name and address, and in some cases nationality, to the patent office where it is filed, as it is a legal requirement to identify the owner of a trade mark, patent or design application.

What data we collect

We will need your name, address and in some cases nationality. Depending on the service that we provide, we may also need additional information specific to the advice. Where we file a patent, design or trade mark application for you, we may need you to sign certain documents, such as declarations. 

Source of the personal data

We will receive the data from you.

What we do with the information and with whom we share it

When we file a patent, trade mark or design application for you, we will share your information with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office or the European Union Intellectual Property Office, as the case may be. Where you wish to pursue IP rights in countries outside the EEA, then we will use the services of local attorneys in the relevant country and share your information with them so that they can submit it to their patent office. In due course, the information is published by the patent office in question identifying you as the owner of the IP right for the public record. If you ask us to provide legal services (such as provision of advice) involving the law of a foreign country, we may use local attorneys in that country. In many cases, we can do this without identifying you although it may be necessary to provide the foreign attorneys with your information. Once the IP service has been provided your personal information is simply held securely in our files should it be required to defend or support the patent, design or trade mark applied for, or should queries arise in respect of the service provided.  We do not use personal data for marketing or any purpose other than those set out in this Notice.

Lawful basis for collecting and processing inventors’ data under GDPR

The lawful basis is the contract that we have with you as the data is necessary for us to perform our side of the contract with you

Your rights

You have the right to know what data we hold about you and to object if you consider that it is held or dealt with inappropriately.

If you would like any further information, please contact Sue Stevens on 01784 772233 or by email on