Privacy Notice for Inventors

As a firm of intellectual property (IP) attorneys who file and prosecute patent applications on behalf of our clients, we collect, process and transmit information about inventors who are to be named on the applications.  The purpose of this notice is to explain how and why we collect, process and transmit this information and the rights of inventors whose personal information we hold. The position in relation to designers of designs in respect of which an application for a design registration is made is similar.

Why we collect information about inventors

When we file an application for a UK or European patent on behalf of an applicant, it is a legal rule that certain information about the inventors is submitted to the relevant patent office.  Other countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) have similar rules. 

What data we collect

We collect the inventor’s name and address and, if the inventor is not the applicant, a brief explanation of how the applicant derived the rights to own the patent from each inventor.  In certain circumstances we may collect inventors’ contact information, and we may need inventors to sign certain documents, such as declarations and assignments. 

Source of the personal data

We will receive the inventors’ data from the applicants or an agent acting on their behalf, or the inventors.

What we do with the inventors’ data and with whom we share it

We share relevant inventors’ data with the UK or European patent office, who generally make this data publicly available when the patent application is published.  If the applicant wishes to file a patent application outside the EEA, then we provide the inventors’ data to foreign patent attorneys for this purpose.  Thereafter, inventors’ data is simply held securely in our files should it be required to defend or support the patent.  We do not use inventors’ data for marketing or any purpose other than those set out in this Notice.

Lawful basis in accordance with GDPR for collecting and processing inventors’ data

The legitimate interest of the patent applicant, on whose behalf we act, provides the lawful basis for us to collect and process inventors’ data in view of the legal requirements for patent applications.

Inventors’ rights

In certain circumstances, an inventor may be able to request waiving their right to have their name and / or address shown on publicly available documents and records.  You also have the right to know what data we hold about you and to object if you consider that it is held or dealt with inappropriately.

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